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                IEC News
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                [圖文]The Mokwon University visited Lijiang College
                Click:   Source::International Exchange Center
                On the morning of Dec. 13th, Six visitors in the vice president of Mokwon University Lee Hwantaes line visited our college. The president Yang Shuzhe, with the Director of the international exchange center and the head of the deans office hosted a reception at 3208 meeting room.
                During the meeting, the first thing was the introductions of all the attendees. Then the president Yang showed his welcomed the arrival of the delegation of Mokwon University and introduced the situation of school running. And the director of the international exchange center also introduced the situation of international exchanging in our college. Later on, The president Lee and the director of international exchange office briefed the history of Mokwon University and the situation of international exchanging. At the end of the meeting, two sides exchanged the views on the future master's program, the PhD project and the exchange student project.
                After the meeting, the delegation visited Department of art and design students exhibition and the international exchange center.
                                          (Visit the International Exchange Center)
                                           (Meeting site)
                         (Interchange of gifts)
                             (Both sides  took a  group  photo )


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